TMZ trading company is a reliable ores and ferroalloys supplier providing the full range of services including consulting, sourcing, production, financial support, warehousing and logistics. TMZ trading company is your personal guide to Russian and CIS metallurgy.

Our mission is to build trust relations with all our customers and help them to develop their business. Our goal is to make all our partners feel comfortable and safe on the market. We share our experience and knowledge with them and accept their financial risks.

TMZ trading company is a safe choice for those who are just starting making business on Russia and CIS metallurgy market.

our team

Our professional team consists of highly skilled managers with real manufacturing experience. Day by day they are searching for new products , new opportunities, new technical, financial and logistics solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Established in 2009 our company has become the stable and reliable supplier for more than 100 customers including CIS and Russia flagship steel plants.




Find your personal guide to Russia and CIS metallurgy doing business with us.

expert support

For importers we

For exporters we

Provide information about reliable manufacturers

Provide information about reliable buyers

Provide information about current prices on the market

Promote foreign goods on Russian and CIS market using our customers network

Give support to conclude contracts with manufacturers

Provide information about current prices on the market

Provide export agents service

Provide information about necessary items and chemical composition

Provide import agents service

financial support

Opening new markets is always connected with financial risks.

We can accept these risks to speed up our customer’s business development.

For importers we accept non delivery risk by becoming their agent on Russian and CIS market.

For exporters we accept nonpayment risk by becoming their products dealer on Russian and CIS market.


Our team is also working hard to find new unique logistics solutions and we can provide the full range of services including fast international shipment, flexible inner logistics and warehousing.

Special offer for international logistics: 9 days from China to Russia.




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